Year 10’s take part in Rewise Coding Workshop

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Yesterday, 25 Year 10 students took part in the ‘LearnThruTech’ coding workshop, delivered by Rewise.

The workshop primarily consisted of car coding, featuring hands-on tasks that gave students an insight into the fun and engaging world of coding, robotics and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

Students worked in small teams to experience first-hand how to build a basic robotic device, being a remote-controlled car. They then used strips of C++ computer code to programme an Arduino microcontroller and a smartphone application to be able to control the device. Once created, students got the chance to race and complete an obstacle course, adding a competitive aspect to the course.

As well as the practical activities, students were able to explore the various real-world uses of STEM in our everyday lives, from smartphones to cars, to medical and industrial applications. They also learnt about well-known people who have made successful careers through STEM related subjects and the range of coding/STEM related careers that are available to them.

The workshop is in coordination with the ‘Study Higher’ initiative which was embedded throughout the day’s activities.

Study Higher is a collaborative network of Higher Education providers who work together to deliver outreach activities to young people to inform them about future educational opportunities.

Kay Hunt, UTC Swindon’s Learning Mentor, said: “It was very well organised and the students and staff really enjoyed the event.”