Transforming lives through learning

We achieve this through providing an excellent education that promotes academic, technical and employability skills that allow our students to be successful life-long learners. Our curriculum is designed to support the STEM industry for the next generation of engineers and digital technologists, by empowering our students to succeed in meeting the future demands of employers and close ‘the skills gap’.

In developing key personal qualities and attributes through their time at UTC Swindon, we believe that we enhance our young people’s cultural capital.


To transform lives through learning, by ensuring a high quality learning experience underpinned by high expectations and aspirations in order to meet the needs of employers within STEM related industries.

Our curriculum and opportunities for personal development are designed to meet the needs of the engineering/digital sectors, allowing both students and employers to engage in partnerships to enrich the student experience, through the application of knowledge and technical skills.

Different subjects work together to identify knowledge, skills and thematic links that allow students to make connections that help embed their learning. UTC Swindon prepares students for the jobs of tomorrow that are driven by local industrial needs in areas of high skills and technical demand.


UTC Swindon is part of the Activate Learning Education Trust (ALET). All staff across the Trust are involved in delivering the key values of Enterprise, Empowerment, Connectedness and Transformation and Learning Philosophy of Brain, Emotion and Motivation.

At UTC Swindon we believe that our core values of Respect, being Organised, Constructive and Kind allow us to make connections that support our understanding of the world around us and our place within it.

Our Learning Philosophy is at the heart of everything we do and in understanding how young people learn best, we work with every individual to support learning through an amazing understanding of the limitless capacity of the brain. We also recognise that emotional intelligence and a sense of purpose are essential for learners to fulfil their potential.

The Learning Philosophy recognises that:

  • Brain – everyone has the capacity to learn effectively and to high levels. Understanding the brain and its capacity to expand and learn allows us to open up new opportunities.
  • The biggest block to learning can be our own emotions and feelings of inadequacy. We create learning environments where students feel emotionally safe and secure, able to experiment and learn, managing their feelings so they gain confidence and self-worth to become independent, emotionally secure, mature individuals. We achieve this through coaching, individual sessions and group work. We help students to become positive members of our learning community who can give and receive feedback. Our learning staff have high expectations of students and encourage them to believe in themselves.
  • Motivation is essential for success. By giving students a clear purpose for their learning, autonomy and engagement through the co-creation of their learning programme, and by providing opportunities to experience success and failure, they become highly motivated.