UTC Swindon Local Governing Committee members

Beverley Bailey

I am a dedicated, certified Accountant with countless motivation, having qualified through home studying.
Manufacturing has seen boom and bust in the last decades and continues to fight the challenges, especially regarding skills shortages. I have enjoyed this journey and have gained extensive experience as Managing Director at Rota Val.

Using this experience I now offer my Financial and Management services to assist organisations to achieve their goals, specialising in business start-ups.  Running my own practice is a new challenge that allows me the time to continue working with the UTC Swindon.

Paul Holmes

Paul Holmes BEng – Vice Chair of Governors was one of the founding Directors/Project Managers and Governors of UTC Swindon on behalf of Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells. Paul now runs his own Business and Engineering Consultancy and has been a passionate supporter of engagement with local industry over his almost 10 years involvement.

Sam Knowlton Executive Principal
Beverley Bailey Governor – Chair
Paul Holmes Governor – Vice Chair
Clair Dallamore Governor – Safeguarding
Scott Reilly Governor – Sponsor
Linda Grant Governor
 Anne Haig-Smith Governor
 Dani Amorim  Governor – Teacher

Useful information

To find dates of our meetings for the current academic year and minutes of meetings please email clerk@alet.org.uk.

Other useful information, including meeting attendance and declarations of interest, can be found here: https://www.alet.org.uk/our-trust/policies/