Social Media Challenge!

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Take part in our Social Media Challenge!

2019 was a triumphant year for TikTok. From being the most downloaded app in Q1 to being coined as Gen Z’s favourite app, nothing could slow its momentum!

Setting the same pace for 2020, there has been some clear trends that have dominated the platform and some that I think are going to be key ones to watch for any brand aspiring to master the app.

Memes, memes everywhere 

If I asked you the first time you heard Old Town Road, would you know? Would it surprise you that it rose to popularity from TikTok?

This is just one example of many where a song went viral and won a Grammy thanks to the meme culture on the platform. Memes are used as a popular communication tool amongst Gen Z and can unlock a whole new world for brands who want to become a part of the conversation.

Tapping into this has helped drive valuable results for many organisations. One such organisation utilised TikTok’s existing features and tools to bring the ‘VSCO Girl’ meme to life in a campaign they activated with Atlantic Records for the song ‘VSCO Girl’ by Round2crew.

For those of you who don’t know, a ‘VSCO girl’ is a subculture on the platform that best describes girls who live a lifestyle of hydro-flasks, reusable straws, Kanken backpacks, Birkenstocks, and scrunchies. We played on the marketability of this ‘VSCO girl’ stereotype and it paid off. It performed astoundingly and received over 251k views, and over 37k hearts.

The Challenge

Your challenge is to create a UTC Swindon Meme using TikTok! 


  • A fun dance/song that represents the UTC
  • Something about a particular subject you are currently studying or looking forward to starting (Engineering/Digital)
  • Your reasons for joining UTC Swindon
  • How UTC Swindon has helped you in achieving goals towards your career aspirations
  • How UTC Swindon is different from other schools you have attended
  • Anything positive you would like to say about UTC Swindon
  • An experience, adventure or a project you have been involved in during lock down

So, get creative and submit your entries to us! Send your TikTok videos through to and we’ll showcase the best on our channels.