A deeper dive into AI with Sopra Steria

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Year 12 students took a deep dive into Artificial Intelligence (AI) when they visited Sopra Steria‘s London office.

The IT company provides government and the private sector with IT solutions, such as creating the first online passport service in the UK and the self-service kiosk ordering system for McDonalds.

On April 25, the boys were given the task of using ChatGPT to come up with an AI created marketing plan, with staff teaching them more specific prompts to get more accurate responses from the bot.

Student Alex said: “The most engaging part of the visit was when we got the opportunity to talk to several employees at the company, all with varying roles, including the Director of Information Governance & Counter Fraud and the Chief Technology Officer. We were able to ask them questions about their careers and how they got to the point they were at now. It was interesting to hear how a lot of the employees didn’t start out with an education or career in IT, but rather digressed from their degrees into the world of tech.

“By the end of the visit, Sopra Steria had given me a better understanding of how technology is being used and will be used as a positive driving force to continue revolutionising the world and improving people’s lives everywhere.”

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