Royal Navy challenges students with team-building problems for UTC Pipeline Programme

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This week, KS5 students experienced their second day of the UTC Pipeline Programme working alongside industry partners at UTC Swindon and off-site at their offices.

The UTC outreach team from Royal Navy joined us at UTC Swindon to work with students presenting team-building problems and challenges.

One of the challenges involved students navigating a series of platforms to get their team and a barrel of toxic waste to the other side of the room. This involved using ropes and boards to create platforms, bridging gaps and strategically moving them to different places.

Another challenge involved the group splitting into two teams for a race in which tubes were held in a line between the team members. This task proved challenging, however through organisation and steady movement, both teams managed to travel the distance of the room.

Students in year 12 and 13 have teamed up with their chosen industry expert for four sessions across the year, to help develop the skills that are needed in the workplace.

The programme is designed to develop a talent pipeline, as students and employers work together on employability skills workshops, technical briefings and work placements.

We would like to thank the Royal Navy and their UTC Outreach team for sharing their insights with our students and supporting them in skills for the future.

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