UTC Swindon students flourish in ambassador roles

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Students at UTC Swindon have been enhancing their learning experience through the college’s student ambassador scheme.
Under the scheme, nine students have taken on a range of responsibilities such as participating in teacher recruitment interviews, acting as the voice of students and project management.
One of very few UK educational establishments to run such a scheme, UTC Swindon appointed its first student ambassadors shortly after the college opened in September 2014.
To become student ambassadors at UTC Swindon, students must complete an interview for the position and sell their services by way of a presentation to Hollie Danby, Director of Curriculum and KS4 Manager. They look to involve more staff and partners in the future.
Once appointed, student ambassadors have the chance to sit in on teacher job interviews, where they put their own questions to the candidates. 
The student ambassadors are currently rewriting the student reward policies, having found out from their peers what incentives would motivate them. They meet with Holly Danby at UTC Swindon, and the board of directors weekly to discuss students’ views and activities.
The student ambassadors are also managing a project to provide additional outdoor furniture at UTC Swindon. As well as design specification, they have been tasked with preparing costs for the project.
At the regular events being hosted by UTC Swindon, student ambassadors give visitors guided tours of the college’s £10 million state-of-the-art facility.
Speaking about the scheme, Angela Barker-Dench, principal at UTC Swindon, said: “This scheme gives our students key skills like job interview techniques, liaising with external parties, project management and team work. This personal development, alongside the technical training they’re receiving, will equip them for the workplace when they start their careers. In the meantime, everyone here is proud of the way our student ambassadors are representing UTC Swindon.”