Second Session of Soft Skills Programme

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Today saw the second session of the Soft Skills Programme at UTC Swindon.

Last month, representatives from Intel visited Year 13 students for their first session on Social Media. Today’s second session focused on Presentation Skills.

It consisted of two parts; in the first section, the three speakers demonstrated the key aspects that make up a good presentation and got the students involved by asking who they thought demonstrated good presenting skills. The second part was more interactive with the students breaking out into groups of 4 or 5 to present for 5 minutes to the other members of their group on a subject of their choice.

Graham McFarlane, EMEA Datacenter Pricing Manager at Intel Corporation said, “The students were fantastic today, they engaged really well, especially in the interactive session, they took a while to get into it but they really took it upon themselves to make the most of the session. They’re really smart students and were really proactive.

I think it’s important for both students and local employers to get involved with these types of sessions because technology is really important to young people and their future. Intel is obviously heavily involved in technology and I think that these soft skills are something that certainly I never had at school and I wish I’d had. The earlier you’re taught about how to present or any other soft skills, the better off you’ll be in the future”.

Intel will be returning over the next few months to give sessions on Interviewing Skills and CV building.