REME Craftsman CUP Challenge picks up pace

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This month, Year 13 students were visited by the Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers (REME) and put to the test as they faced a tough ‘heat’, competing to get through to the next and final round of the Craftsman CUP Challenge.

Lauryn Bailey successfully won the heat, along with the group consisting of Morgan Powell, Tara Whelan, Poppy Perring, Luke Parry and Haydar Erpak. Congratulations to all students on this fantastic achievement!

Since September, teams from UTC Swindon, UTC Reading, City of Oxford College and Reading College have been working on projects to solve problems faced by REME engineers on a daily basis, such as: modifying the payload of a Desert Hawk to enable the carrying of medical aid to the battlefield, or developing failure prevention systems for military equipment.

The project finale on Wednesday 23rd May is almost upon us, where the best of the best will be showcasing their design, innovation and craftsmanship abilities, presenting their projects to a team of REME dignitaries, and one winning team will be awarded the prestigious Craftsman CUP award!