Network Rail deliver presentation to Years 10 and 11

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Last Friday, representatives from Network Rail delivered a presentation to Year 10 and 11 students around rail safety and electrification.

The students were shown a video produced by Network Rail that gives an account of the effects of trespass, suicide and electrification from the view of workers. This included a Mobile Operating Manager, a driver and a British Transport Police Officer, which gave a powerful message and also gave students an insight into how one action can affect so many people.

A presentation was then delivered detailing rail safety, electrification and what newer model trains look like. It concluded with a compilation video of level-crossing misuse and a Q&A session.

The students participated really well thoughout and took on board all the information.

Alison Kramer from Network Rail said, “We place a huge importance on keeping young people safe – we hope that our work goes a long way to show that. With collaboratively working with schools and colleges we are able to get the important Rail Safety message across to all young people”.

Thanks to Network Rail for coming in and presenting to our Year 10 and 11’s.