UTC holds Wellbeing Day for students

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Recently UTC Swindon held a Wellbeing Day for its students.

The purpose behind the day was to allow students to experience a range of sessions outside of the normal curriculum, to support their health and wellbeing and give them an opportunity to find an activity that they can continue outside of school. It aimed to give students helpful tips and advice on how to support their health and mental wellbeing.

The day consisted of five 1-hour sessions, which the students had chosen from a range of workshops.

Workshops were run by the following external parties: Young Carers, Buzz Gym, Pure Gym, Uturn, Mad4Life, TAMHs, Berts Books, and Operation Fit.

Students could choose from a range of topics such as motivation, run by Cameron Parker, to Interview Preparation, run by Sarah to Art, run by Kay and Teressa.

UTC Swindon Principal, Jon Oliver, said: “UTC Swindon Wellbeing Day provides students with a wide range of opportunities and experiences to extend their personal development as well as interests. We are extremely grateful to external partners and UTC staff in consistently making this event such a success. Much significant learning for life occurs outside the classroom and we constantly strive to enable our young people to develop as a whole, with a particular focus on employability skills.”

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