‘UTC helped me build the confidence I needed for university’

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Former student Liam Kanyepi is currently in his first year of Computing and Information Technology at the University of Surrey.

He says he was drawn to this course ‘because of my interest in technology and how it’s always developing’.

“So far I have really enjoyed learning how to use various different types of software; how they can be of use in the real world,” he says.

“A big part of the degree is focused on developing problem solving skills. For example, one programming language that I have recently started learning involves lots of trial and error – I’ve found there’s always more than one way of reaching a solution.

“I’m hoping that this course opens up opportunities for me to use technology as a way of having a positive impact,” says Liam, who hopes to pursue a career in cyber security.

Liam credits UTC Swindon with helping him build his confidence ready for his next step to university.

“A big part of what prepared me for university was the confidence that UTC Swindon helped me to build throughout my time there,” he says. “For example,  I was given the opportunity to showcase UTC to potential students and teachers, and I was part of numerous interviews, such as talking on a local radio station.

“I was also really thankful for the fact that you could address the staff/teachers by their real name, which made it easy to build strong student-teacher relationships. I think having these strong relationships with staff at the UTC is what improves the quality of learning.

Liam wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the UTC to new students:


“The type of support UTC Swindon offers is outstanding. It provided me with opportunities that I would never have had if I had not chosen to study there.”

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