Students with the gift of the gab awarded

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It’s official! UTC Swindon students are the best arguers around!

A group of Year 10s went to Oxford University on May 3 where they put their debating skills to the test in a workshop on the Confidence to Argue.

Kay Hunt, ELSA learning mentor, accompanied the teams, and said: “The students started out watching a presentation from the Oxford IMPS (comedy group) on how to present an idea, and what makes a good or bad argument.

“They were then put into four groups and were then told the topic they were to debate – ‘What is the best thing?’  The groups discussed mushrooms, the brain, nature, and electricity.”

And we’re happy to announce that UTC Swindon produced the winning team – the brain group! Two of the teams were finalists, coming 1st and 4th out of around 70 students. Both teams presented in front of the entire conference, which takes a great deal of courage and skill.

The winning team were Aron, Alex, Ethan, Jayden and Wiktor. They each won a book and a £30 Amazon voucher.

Aron Bashford from the winning group said: “We thoroughly enjoyed the day – a good experience where we gained confidence in public speaking.”

Those who took part represented the school well and gained valuable skills that they will be able to use in the future – not least in ‘debating’ well with their parents!

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