What makes us different

UTC Swindon is different to an existing traditional school, we deliver first class education in an environment that feels like the ‘workplace’. This is achieved by delivering the curriculum through employer set ‘projects’ which tackle real industry issues.

Students will be grouped into learning companies where they will learn to act and behave in teams just as in professional life. They will need to devise solutions to challenges and work on projects to solve problems. As part of the workplace environment they will be expected to take responsibility for their actions.

These companies will provide the pastoral support for students and will act as a vehicle for enterprise, competition and performance management. Through these companies, students will learn the language of business and the relationship between learning and financial gain.


It will be common for students to receive employer sponsorship and to share projects with other students, this encourages ethos of teamwork and interdependence. The emphasis will be on having a healthy competitive spirit, rewarding excellence and supporting improvement, just like in a real workplace.



The member of staff who deals with queries from parents and other members of the public is Deb Lee.