Gabby’s on the right path for a career in the Royal Navy

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Year 11 student, Gabby, joined UTC Swindon in year 10 and will be leaving this summer to pursue her career path into the forces.

We caught up with her to hear about her experience, studying at a University Technical College (UTC)…

Gabby said: “I joined the UTC because I was really interested in engineering and I wanted a fresh start and to join a new school. I didn’t feel I was that supported at my previous school but I had friends there so it was a difficult decision to make.”

“Coming to UTC Swindon has completely changed me and I am so glad I made the choice to move”.

“As soon as I walked through the doors at their open event, I was smiling. I just knew I would love it.”

“One of the best things is, because it’s a smaller school, you get to know everyone really well. You are visible and the teachers get to know you, and learn how to get the best out of you. I feel so supported here and am finally able to just be myself and be comfortable with that.”

“I study all the compulsory subjects; English, maths and science, but chose to study computer science, product design, IT and engineering. After finishing at the UTC this summer, I will go to New College to study public services. From there, I plan to go into the Royal Navy as a Weapons Technician Apprentice.”

“Knowing I wanted to follow that career path, studying at UTC Swindon has been really beneficial. It has given me the connections with the Forces and the skills that I need when I join them. I chose the public services course because I want to learn different areas and specialise after that.”

“I would recommend UTC Swindon to anyone. It really is the most amazing experience and I am just so pleased I chose to study here.”

We wish Gabby the best of luck and a bright future in the Forces.