UTC Swindon Local Governing Body members


The governors

Beverley Ford 

Beverley is Chair of the Board of Governors at UTC Swindon. She is a self-taught Chartered Accountant who has been working for Gericke Rotaval, an engineering company producing industrial valves, since 2001. Originally an Accounting Technician, Beverley became Finance Director in 2007 and Managing Director in 2013.

Beverley sees the lack of skills in engineering on a daily basis. She strongly believes that industry has a key role to play in helping schools and colleges to fill this gap.


UTC Swindon Local Governing Body members

Joanne Harper Executive Principal
Jon Oliver Principal
Beverley Ford Chair
Paul Holmes Vice Chair
Clair Dallamore Community
Kathryn Sanders Community
Tessa Garth Staff
Miriam O’Leary Governor
Peter Nathan Governor
Samantha Romaneck Governor

UTC Swindon Declaration of Interest

Declaration of Interest and Attendance Nov 2018

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